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Will be Glad to Shoot your Wedding


1. Meet My Hobbies

I strive for a lively and beautiful reportage. I am passionate about catching moments of happiness, warmth, love, joy and excitement that bring your memories to life. I like to meet new people and travel a lot.

I would like to tell the story of your wedding day in pictures for you, your children and your grandchildren. I like traveling, adventures, music, architecture and design.

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2. What I do

2.1 My interests

I love to discover the beauty of the world and people around us.Together we create a lively and light pictures, filled with genuine emotions. Such images will always keep memories.

2.2 I like to shoot full weddings, especially a banquet.

Feelings and emotions, adventures and feelings are just incredible! With me you will feel, see, remember.

More Options:

● I have been wedding photographer for 9 years
● I love spontaneous moments
● I like to offer as first option to cover all wedding day long

It is important to me that twenty years after the wedding, my couple would open their wedding album and relive the whole spectrum of emotions they experienced during the wedding – from mom’s touching tears to mad dancing with friends.

“I like unconventional.”

— Adam Smith

My main goal is to tell stories with my photography, for you to feel you were there, for you to feel the emotions of that day when you see that photograph. I love spontaneous moments and stunning / stylish portraits.

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